Location: Bagrakot

I was in 8th standard then. My batchmates went to Sikkim for trekking since we were NCC cadets. We had our first base camp at Bagrakot that is between Sikkim and WB. We were staying in Barracks and there were no toilets. We had to use common toilets.

One day I had to use the restroom(for Toilet) but there was lot of rush there. So I decided to urinate a distance further. I took a senior along with me to keep a watch as there was an adjacent road. While I was doing "my work" I noticed there was an old man in white very Very tall staring at us.

I completed my task and started walking. As we walked that man started walking too. I told my senior she said there no man. Not only this... As he was walking his height shortened too..and suddenly he vanished in thin air.. After that I chose to wait outside the restrooms. 

Location- A small village near Allahabad.
Okay! So this story was narrated to me by my mausi (mother's sister).
She had this strange habit of holding the edge of my nani's (Maternal Grandmother) saari while walking when she was a kid. (that is called sari ka pallu)
One day my nana (Maternal Grandfather) had gone to

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Ever since i was 5 years old i have been hearing voices. Well just one voice that asks me to come away and go with him, when i was 9 years old i stopped hearing them. But when i turned 13 last year i had a dream.

In that dream i saw a boy, maybe 17-18yrs old, and in my dream

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My Dad came home late that day. It was around 12 at night. Maa
was afraid of Dad as he was late. But as he arrived she asked me to
go to bed. Dad locked himself in his bedroom. Maa got some food
for him and knocked the door. Dad didn't open

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location: Tura,Meghalaya.

When i was still small, we use to live in a place which was nearby cemetery where fresh bodies were still being buried that time,even some of my deceased relatives were buried there. Our neighbors were also a bit far from our house.
Once my aunt came and stayed with us. In one room she and our helper was

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